Raptor Row Ride Registration

This ride is a fundraiser for the Steel Valley Trail Council. Just in 2017 we spent $88,456.23 on dealing with landslides and $1,500 on porta-potties. This year (2020) we will be paving in asphalt the Waterfront section of the trail. Some of which was covered by grants, some by dues, and some by this ride.
In addition, there were over 500 hours per year of volunteer labor in grass cutting, tree trimming, and removal, small landslide cleanup, etc. Come join us. Find out about maintenance parties  at https://steelvalleytrail.org/volunteer-opportunites/

[wp_cart_button name=”Registration for one person” price=”20.00″]  Registration for one person- $20.00
[wp_cart_button name=”Registration for two persons” price=”40.00″]  Registration for two people- $40.00
[wp_cart_button name=”one child” price=”0.00″]  Registration for one child  (16 & under, accompanied by paying adult) – $0.00
[wp_cart_button name=”Vip registration” price=”10.00″]  Additional Registration for the VIP ride. $10.00/person.
   First register for the ride by clicking above, then adjust the total number of VIP riders in the cart
  The VIP ride is a limited, extra cost ride that leaves at 8:40 and is lead by a guide who has intimate knowledge of the various nests.
[wp_cart_button name=”Additional Donation” price=”1.00″]   
Additional Donation(optional)
  Adjust amount in the cart

If more than two people, Add to the cart “one person” then go to the shopping cart and change the quantity.

I understand that there is a risk of accidents and even death in bicycling. That trail conditions may vary over time. I and my companions accept responsibility for our safety and will not sue for anything.

Note: Since this is a fundraiser for the Steel Valley Trail, no refunds will be given in case of rain, snow, sleet, or government recommended/forced cancellation.