Sponsor a Bench or Table

The Steel Valley trail has recently installed six benches and three picnic tables. We are looking for sponsorships for these items. A plaque with the sponsor’s name or “in memory of” will be placed on the bench/table for all to see.

Sponsorship will be for a three-year term. At the end of three years, the sponsor could extend the term for three more years at 50% of the original price. If a bench or table is vandalized, damaged, destroyed, or stolen at any time during the three-year term the bench will be repaired or replaced once at no cost to the sponsor. The sponsor is entitled to a 4″ X ~8″ plaque installed on the bench or table.

Sponsorship of a bench or table costs $600 for the three year period. Sponsors will be contacted to make arrangements for payment, bench determination, and plaque wording,

Mile MarkerStatusName of Bench or Picnic Table
134.4Linden Street Picnic Table
136.5sponsoredWorld Headquarters Bench – Kennywood Side of Trail
136.5sponsoredWorld Headquarters Bench – Railroad Side of Trail
136.5World Headquarters Picnic Table
136.9sponsoredThunderbolt Bench
136.9 sponsoredPhantom’s Revenge bench
137.1Vahosky Cross/Dam Lock Bench
137.5 sponsoredConcrete Slab Picnic Table – Future Picnic Pavilion Location
138.2Rankin Bridge Bench