Pipes Only

Mackin Stations
Mileage on Fence Posts
pipe type
pipe size inches
135.17gas pipeline crossingstl16high pressure gas pipeline crossing the trail - supplies the waterfront
135.19pipemtl smo54Pipe Open - Very big pipe that carries the stream under the trail - 11/8/17, rocks dumped around end of pipe as dirt on sides pipe has eroded. After rocks fill in the gaps wire should be wrapped around the rocks
135.27173+30136.28pipe/fencepla smo18Pipe Open
135.35169+20136.85pipe/fencemtl rib18Pipe Open 11/8/17- very smallamount of debris in pipe.
135.40167+00136.90pipe/fencepla smo12Pipe Open
135.43163+60pipe/no fencemtl rib1011/17 (RAD Project) - Drain pipe dug out. Pipe 1/2 full of material. NEEDS FLUSHED
135.49162+40136.99pipe/fencepla smo15Pipe Open
135.56158+25137.05pipe/fencepla smo18Pipe Open - diagonal pipe
135.72150+00137.21pipe/fencepla smo12Pipe Open - Basin has RR rail in drainage area running parallel to the trail.
135.74148+90137.24pipe/fencepla smo18Pipe Open - Has two gasline posts in the drainage ditch.
River side of hill appears to have a bench about 40 feet down, may be okay to dump fill.
7/4/17 dig to about 1 foot below trail elevation on west side.
7/6/17 dug to about two feet below trail elevation on east side, found the pipe.
7/11/17 dug one foot below bottom of pipe to allow for from steep sides
7/16/17 cleared swale on side of gasline pilings away from pipe
135.82144+85grate/pipe - George's Drain Large drainage area with the grate. Two pipes about 30 feet apart one completely covered, 1 inlet, no fence. Covered pipe is deep - perhaps 4 to 6 feet below trail. 11/17 - (RAD PROJECT) - Area consists of compacted slag - cannot be dug out conventionally. Rockswhich blocked access to area were removed with many of them being placed overhill where water running over hill side eroded the RR hillside.
135.91140+44137.40pipe/fencepla smo12Pipe Open. Primary overflow drain for Big Dig as of 2018.
135.98136+07137.49pipe/fencepla smo15Double pipes, side by side. Largest new trail pipe open - looks bent down in middle of pipe. Older small metal pipe buried deeper under trail.
136.00134+91137.51pipe/fence - Waterfallstl rib24WaterFall - Debris in middle of pipe. NEEDS FLUSHED..
136.06131+49137.59pipe/fencepla smo21Pipe Open
136.13127+40pipe stl smo10Pipe Open - bends left
136.18124+57137.70pipe/fencemtl rib8Pipe Open - Old metal pipe - appears open as far as we can see. RR end of pipe is bent down almost 90 degrees blocking view through pipe from hillside end. Basin OK - deeper than pipe. Small rock in pipe - needs removed with hoe
136.25121+53pipe/fencepla smo12Pipe Open - Large rock in front of pipe.
136.35116+12137.80pipe/fencepla smo12Pipe Open
136.40113+25137.93pipe/fencemtl rib9Old metal pipe. Cannot find RR end of pipe - apparently buried on RR hillside. Some debris in pipe - can see far into pipe with some light at end of drain. NEEDS FLUSHED..
136.42112+64137.93pipe/fencemtl rib18Dirt in bottom half of drain pipe from end to end - little light at end of tunnel. NEEDS FLUSHED.
136.47110+01137.94pipe/fencevertical steel with slotsMystery Drain - two pipes on RR hillside, 6" and 9" in diameter and about 12 feet apart. On hillside drain area there is an upright large pipe with slits on the side. Bottom of pipe is full of dirt. Removed dirst from bottom of upright pipe. Found 9 inch pipe existing upright pipe. 11/5/17 observed rain water running out of 9 inch pipe with rain water swirling in upright pipe goinginto 9inch pipe. Large 12 metal pipe on RR hillside - cannot find in drainage area. Also on 11/5/17 observed rain water running out of 6 inch pipe of RR side of hillside. Have not found this pipe in drainage area. Both 6and 9 inch pipes are rusted out on RR side of trail. Water comes out of holes in pipe - waater does not make it to the end of the pipes. CAUTION: FOUND 16 INCH GAS LINE CLOSE TO FENCE - NOT UNDER TRAIL BUT IN DRAINAGE HOLE CLOSE TO FENCE ABOUT ONE TO TWO FEET DEEP.
136.54106+07138.03pipe/fencepla rib12Pipe Open - dam has been built in basin keeping most of slide material out of drain pipe. (RAD Project) Rocks placedup hill side to stop flow of slide material. Corregated pipe with some debris in pipe. NEEDS FLUSHED. 6/10/18 drain clogged with scree by 2 in. rain, causing waterflow along trail for ~100 feet.
136.60102+65pipe/fencepla smo18Pipe open. Occasional debris gets into pipe opening. Easy to remove by hand. Could use fill across trail to make mowing level.