April 29, 2017 Raptor Row Ride

The annual first organized ride of the season to benefit the maintenance fund of the Steel Valley Trail will be help Saturday April 29. The ride registration will begin in the Waterfront Town Square starting at 9:00. The ride will feature naturist at various places along the trail where you can see or where others have seen raptors aka: birds or prey, (birds that hunt and feed on rodents and other small animals). For sure there will stops and birders who can answer your questions at an owl’s nest, a red tail hawk’s nest, an osprey’s nest, and of course the Hays Eagles.

Note: there will be a special VIP tour (extra $$$, limited availability) where the naturist will be providing extra detail knowledge and special access to the viewing equipment.

To register online, click here.

May 20, 2017 Adaptive Cycling Expo

On May 20, The steel Valley Trail council will hold an adaptive cycles Expo at the Pump House in the Waterfront. It will showcase the many “adaptive” cycles that can be used to enable bicycling by the physically challenged. No cost. Come see what is available to enable all to enjoy the benefits of bicycling.